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internet has been down+lazy=we'll pick up from yesterday


1/4 kombucha
balance chocolate protein shake

black bean quinoa salad

onion rings
shirataki noodles w peanut sauce

nana's chocolate bar

9/14 (so far)

hemp protein w vanilla coconut milk
cinnamon sugar instant oatmeal

black green tea fuze

white chocolate macadamia clif bar

dark chocolate almond fiber one bar (OMG I didn't know how delicious these are!)

dinner of some sort at boyfriend's rents

probably a desert at my mom's (getting the rents' visits out of the way XP)


lime green tea

1/2 bag white cheddar cheese its

big salad with mushrooms, grape tomatoes, sprouts, sunflower seeds, a little bit of lettuce, ton of onion, little bit of sesame dressing.

bite of coleslaw-gross.

shiritaki noodles with part of a leftover ramen seasoning packet
bit of peanut butter
1/2 big bowl of popcorn with sea salt.


b:corn crunchems with vanilla coconut milk
l: hummus with pepitas on stacy's bagel chips
d: TONS of chinese food (yyuuummm buffets)
d: coldstone germanchokalakake with dark chocolate.

the whole healthy thing has gone down the drain when boyfriend buys you meals. breakfast and lunch (the meals I provided) were pretty healthy. his tasted delicious though.


B:fried eggs and great harvest caraway rye toast w butter

(at bbq)
s:bologna salad in a couple super mini pitas
crackers w crab dip
tortilla chips with layered dip

L:family raised hamburger on a bun w lots of onions, ketchup, mustard
half a pickle
"american bean" salad (it had bacon, I couldn't complain about the name)
7 layer salad (I really don't like it,but to be polite)
eclair cake thing that was FFFAAANNNTTTASTIC!

D:Shirataki noodles w a peanut sauce that I made WAY too spicy (didn't finish)
    bit of lemon custard ice cream w cinnamon to offset the spicy

Sep. 7th, 2009

Internet has been down and I don't have a great memory. I know that I've drank all weekend. Lots of Woodchuck, some Petrone, some Guiness, some other microbrew tasting from Ren Fest, and some meade.

Yesterday (Renfest)

Fried eggs w Great Harvest Caraway Rye Bread
shots of vodka and sake
scottish egg
tons of woodchuck
broccoli and cheese breadbowl
(after leaving)
pecan encrusted whitefish with mashed potatoes
starbucks pumpkin spice late
bk onion rings (been craaaviing them)


multi vit/min drink
hemp protein w unsweetened coconut milk
tempeh walnut salad on top of spinach
1/4 avacado
tofutti cutie
entirely too much chinese food. bleh!
crab rangoons
egg roll
sesame chicken
pork fried rice


multi vitamin/mineral drink
1/4 gt's no.9
bits of smoothies from deli
vegetables in an ezekial wrap with goddess dressing
garbani salad
(went to a bonfire.. I was doing so well.)
2 slices of pizza
LOTS of smores. (it's the last time I'll get any until next summer!)
1 beer
I think?

b: green tea
l: peanut butter on spelt sandwich
s:a little orange juice
    some bhuja
d: shiritaki noodles with random garlicky sauce I made

For sure:

b: half a bottle of Gt's no.9 kombucha
    LOTS of gypsy cold care tea (like 4-5 cups throughout the day)
l: tempeh walnut salad on some romaine heart leaves
   quinoa black bean salad
s: raspberry dessert bar
d: lots and lots of unfrosted grape cake scraps (my sis makes cakes)
    my sis's version of some sort Chinese chicken and noodles
    more cake (frosted, part of my brother-in-law's bday cake.


b: coconut water (drank a lot last night. It makes me feel better)
    hemp protein with unsweetened coconut milk + a tbsp lecithin + a tbsp psyllium husks. (Not as good as it sounded. Actually, it's as about as  good as it looks when I type it.) Didn't finish.
l: thai bubble tea with black bubbles
   1/3 pounder angus, mushroom and swiss w medium fries and orange hi-c from McDonalds
s: jasmine green tea
d: shirataki noodles with spaghetti sauce
    bar of dark chocolate.


b:a TON of hemp/soy/almond pancakes w Walden Farms syrup.(which I think made me sick the rest of the day)
    vanilla nut herbal coffee
snack: Gt's kombucha no.3 (hoping it would make me feel better)
dinner 1: half a tuna melt w tofutti mozzarella on sunflower flax bread
   little bit of strawberry tabouli
dinner 2: (at a friend's end of the summer party)
     hot dog w onions
     lots of doritos
     lots of bbq chips
     lots of beer
     a little tea to keep me awake.